Spencer Tarring

Spencer Tarring pioneers a sound that defines not only a record label and a DJ, but an entire city. With Shanghai often hailed as the showpiece of China’s booming economy, Spencer Tarring is undoubtedly the driving force of a music scene often imitated the world over, but since his arrival in 2009, never duplicated.

An original member of the notorious Crooklyn Clan, founder of Vous Records and winner of Shanghai’s ‘Best DJ’ award two years running, Spencer Tarring spearheads the furious expansion of the Asian dance music scene with his club-shattering DJ sets and mega brand in the shape of Vous Records.

With passport pages that tell the story of a worldwide career, Spencer has unleashed his inimitable house sound on dance floors as far flung as New York, London, Barcelona and of course, his residency at infamous Shanghai super-club – M1NT. Often cited as the creative direction behind Shanghai’s thriving house scene, Spencer is well known for his strong work ethic and is undoubtedly one of the most influential men on the city’s scene.