Silverfox / Capone

Silverfox, is a veteran underground DJ & Producer since 1987. He has a wide array of musical knowledge of different genres. It is clear to see why Silverfox is an extremely talented & multi skilled DJ & Producer/Ghost Producer. Thriving off mixing such a large genre scope of sounds for all underground music fans. He started in the 80s playing Electro Hip Hip to Acid house, old skool style breakbeat, then progressing onto the early 90s with jungle, hardcore techno. Clubs through the 80s and 90s FANTAZIA – Obsession – Dreamscape – Helter Skelter with radio station Centreforce and Sunrise FM to name a few. Now in the future underground movement he mixes styles of Garage, Deep House, Jacking House, Bassline House, Electro House, Club House, Dirty Dutch and Moombahton. Not to mention Drum & Bass, techno and Nudisco/EDM/indie sounds. With over 25 years of experience of underground movement the Silverfox brings in the new school with the old to the AR-UK label. Never failing to surprise with his array of different genre releases. Silverfox is all so part of a duo called Capone & Lorenzo, which have already had a top 60 hit on beatport on their first release * I Am Future * Not to mention his fundamental role in being the driving force to the music productions of the AR-UK Label. This highly acclaimed underground producer is set to be released into the mainstream to cause disruption to your ears and to have you feel his melodies like none other.