From a young age it already seemed like the artists was fated togo the production route, picking up the art at the age of 16 when he and his friends began learning how to produce progressive house. After receiving much praise and positive feedback the decision was made to take music production seriously. Under a small label his first release came out, although his roots are buried in electro house it was long before he was attracted to UK Deep House ( The House mason Approves).

So where did it all start? As a youngster in the Netherlands it wasn’t all house music as he recalls his favourite artists were actually Eminem and Linkin Park. It wasn’t until he bought his first beat port track got a Feeling by Josh Butler that he really got a feel of what house music was all about. As this love of House Music grew, so did his passion for the sound. These days he still maintains that Josh Butler is amongst one of the artists that he admires. Although he did state that it’s not really the artist or their innovations that inspire him but more the crowd, the people and the club. Rotterdam is a city full of many large night clubs that play host to many House music events and it is attending these events and witnessing the energy that House Music brought with it and the sheer passion that its creators had which spurred the producer on to pursue this dream.

So with some production and live performance experience we asked do you get nervous before a performance and in general what advice would you give people who wish to go down the same path as you and he answered “Previously when I first started, I was super nervous when I had to perform. Nowadays I do not get nervous anymore. I do more than 70 gigs a year right now. The advice I give to producers who want to get noticed. Just make cool tracks, and put it on your Soundcloud as a free track. If your track is cool, just make sure that the big names support your track. That’s the way our track ‘Troubleman’ was signed on Armada Music. We put it on our Soundcloud as a free track, and a couple of weeks later Armada Music asked us if they can sign our track to their label. There are a lot of deejays and producers in the world, but I think that’s a good thing. And if you work hard and believe in yourself you can do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do expect anyone else to? I know it’s hard sometimes when you make a cool track and you mail it to five labels and none of them respond. But its part of the deal you know” so in summary work hard, believe in yourself and have a lot of persistence.