Manuelle Musik

Manuel Fischer’s MANUELLE MUSIK is melodious and colorful. His subtle (often whimsical) take on House music explores the boundaries of the genre – from the dreamy and atmospheric to the playful and jazzy, the uplifting and anthemic to the dark and paranoiac.

In July of 2012, the young Zurich native relocated to Berlin from where he propelled himself through a patchwork of European venues, showcasing both his live and DJ sets. His debut live performance was delivered to crowds of thousands at Zurich’s Street Parade, a feat which paved the way for continued success throughout 2013, in which he had a top 5 charting on the vinyl charts and a lot of international support around the globe for his EPs.

A classically trained musician, illustrator, and taste-maker to boot, Manuel also curates the MITEINANDER MUSIK record label together with his childhood friends from Zurich.