M.F.S Observatory

M.F.S:Observatory is the stage name of two boys between the new proposals of Vesuvius. These cultivating since childhood passion for music, they continued to pursue their dream with so much constancy. Their formation dates from about 2010, the year he decided to create something new and, so, after years of hard work flours are able to get their first contract and their first release towards the end of 2012.
And it was precisely such dedication to this passion that has led them to establish itself as a dj also doing various outputs with valid labels including: LittleHelpers,Alphahouse,Deeperfect Theatre Records, Cat For Lunch etc..
The two boys are Turchetti Mattia and Francesco Cozzolino, both of Naples, but with two lives a little ‘different: first, class 91, thanks to his passion is attending a music school; the second, class 94, he attended the school of engineering.
Their genre is a mix of House, Techno and Dark and their tracks are full of drums and percussion energy with the addition of effects incisors and a bit of singing. The result is a hot pace that will allow him to be known as series labels.