Floyd La Luna

DJ Floyd’s Dee-Jaying career sparked in early 2009 where his first love into the DJ fraternity began by attending the 2009 Y MAMA Y Bash in New Town. My inspiration in being a DJ had by then began to shape up with the new breed of house music DJs, the likes of DJ Fresh, Vinny Da Vinci and many more. I was way too far in lines of recognition and a tough work had to be put in place in me gaining the recognition I aspired for in the then fresh house music deejaying industry.

I had turn to DJ in small taverns and small events in townships like Diepsloot, Soweto, Kwamhlanga and many more. Popularity and demand had gained the momentum by early 2002, but not enough to reach the lime light of playing alongside the top djs in the industry. The major stepping stone was to be a resident of one of the popular night clubs in managing sound and lighting and I had my first taste of being a resident DJ at Club Who Zoo in 2003. The stay was short lived due to the relocation of the club. I gained sufficient recognition from being a resident DJ and continued to be resident DJ at Vibes 2009; Club RED 2009; Palace of Joy 2010 and Club La Lunar.

In 2010 i have broken new ground with my house sets merged with Hip Hop and Kwaito genre, from there on there was a new horizon waiting for the break of dawn. The Hip-Hop genre had suffered due to being played as a closing set at most night clubs, but now it’s a thing of the past and way too much in demand to mix-up the good ambiance at any gig. My kwaito sets are played and mixed to bring the message and the skill in narrating one good vi-by message out of various artists mixed together.

In between being a full time club DJ I had yearned to do events and that required sufficient capital to have the Deejaying kit that will cater for all kinds of events and that was achieved in late 2009. I have since added lighting to all events to bring the vibe closer to the night club ambiance as exposed to.