DJ Youss

Life as Youss experienced it has had more than it’s fair share of unusual twists and turns. With a sound born in Morocco, ripened in UAE and refined in Bahrain, Youss is an artist whose sound possesses a true international resonance. Born and raised in Morocco, Youss started DJ’ing back in ’91 in the Marrakech & Fes club scene.After building a strong reputation Youss decided to move on and launched a successful DJ-ing career in the Middel East .after a time in AMPM, Boudoir and M Level in the United Arab Emirates, he moved to Bahrain.Youss has conquered a residency at one of the most glamours lounges in Bahrain “Zoe Restaurant & lounge”. In early 2006 Youss started his own production,and March 2010 brought the global release of Youss “Dobra Otra” with the german based record label Bloodsugar records.
With 20 years DJ career ,Youss played in some of the most prestigious clubs, his technically brilliant, distinctly unique mixing style and high energy behind the decks. His sets are very fresh and original, combining upfront tracks, promos, club classics and Accapellas on three decks, along with his mixing skills, this makes Youss stand out from the rest.
During Youss time as a professional DJ he has played alongside other well respected DJs, including : Rodriguez.JR,TIGERSKIN,Claude Challe,Jeremy Healy,Chris Montana,Dj Pippi,Dj Lea Lisa,Stephane Pompougnac,Rurals of the deep
Youss has also played in some of the best parties including the Rain Dance Beach Party to a crowd of 4000,he has also worked as a music manager for the biggest music shop in the gulf Virgin Megastor.