Her real name Daniëlle van der Raad born on March 3rd in the year 1986.

D-Tention picked up her interest in music little over a year ago after meeting Axel Doorman.

Music has always been in her life, mostly listening to it. She started out to play the guitar a few years back. When she was about 17 years of age she messed around with FruityLoops, Reason and some other less known DAW`s, All of that slipped away after starting her career in the IT business and Photography.

After meeting Axel, whom is a producer and DJ, she got drawn back into the world of music. She already created tracks of her own in less than a few months time. Most already signed to different Record Labels across the globe. Her own tracks are specified as Techno and Techhouse. Next to her own tracks, she also collabs with Axel. The music they create together are Techno, Techhouse, House and also they try out other music genres such as DnB and Chillout.

The tracks are being picked up quickly by online radiostations and individual DJ`s.
She is getting a lot of support in a very short amount of time.