Cut La Roc

Cut La Roc remembers the look on his mum’s face when he bought his first Technics. “She was horrified! ‘You paid two hundred pounds for a record player?!’ And that was before she found I needed two!” Well, Mrs La Roc, rest easy. Your son did the right thing. As if there was a choice. La Roc – real name Lee Potter – was already hooked by then. He was 15. He’d already got into bunking off school in Brighton to doss around with the local b-boys, already began to memorise their breakdancing moves and intricate scratch tricks. “Instead of going to school I’d go round there first thing in the morning, so I could use their decks while they were asleep,” he recalls. Needless to say, the second Technics followed soon after. Lee immersed himself in the world of hip hop, scratching and editing his productions on cheap samplers and battling it out at local jams. Then something happened.