Cari Golden

Cari Golden is one of the the most recognized voices in the dance music. Her music is given equal weight in festivals as it is in tiny, sweaty, dirty after hours, boats and rooftops all over the world. The focus in on writing songs that paint a real scene and make a person feel that they’re living inside that story. It’s not showy or bombastic, but subtle and more often than not, a bit twisted. But words mean different things depending on the voice singing them. Cari Golden’s vocal quality described as sexy, sultry, convincing, alluring, hypnotic, sick, twisted, angelic, demonic and anesthetic. The personification of something “other” translates into songs that become living entities in their own right. The diverse personalities of songs like Captain My Captain (Pan-Pot), City Life (DJ T), You and I (Fur Coat) exemplify the idea of song as a complete experience. This ability to paint words into emotional landscapes is always inspired by the production of Cari’s collaborators. From the producers to the remixers, everyone has a hand in shaping the concept.